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Everything You Need to Know About Explosion-Proof Lighting

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

In hazardous industrial and commercial settings, it's crucial to have lighting that can prevent potentially dangerous accidents from happening. That's where explosion-proof lighting comes in. It's a vital safety feature that can help you keep your business running safely and smoothly. If safety precautions are not adequately met, employees working in a hazardous environment can be constantly exposed to the potential risk of explosions. Therefore, it is critical that you understand how explosion-proof lighting may benefit your organisation and the safety of your employees and where you can find high-quality explosion-proof equipment in Singapore. Let us provide you with a more detailed overview of explosion-proof lighting so you can select the best explosion-proof LED lights for your business.

What Exactly is Explosion-Proof Lighting?

Explosion-proof lighting is designed to prevent explosions by limiting any sparks or heat that may be generated within the fixture from igniting any flammable material in the surrounding area. These lighting fixtures are built and certified for usage in hazardous environments where explosive gases, vapours, or dust may be present.

Different Types

When it comes to explosion-proof lighting, there are two main types: LED and fluorescent.

Explosion-proof LED lights are usually a better option because they are more durable and efficient. LED lights also have a longer lifespan, which means you won't have to worry about replacing them often. Additionally, LED lights create less heat, so they are safer for use in potentially hazardous areas.

Why Use Explosion-Proof Lighting in Your Hazardous Environment?

Explosion-proof lighting is a mandatory requirement in many industries. By using explosion-proof lighting, you can ensure that you are meeting all safety requirements and avoiding costly fines. Outside of that, they also come with the following benefits:

1. High Safety and Reliability

The bulb, wiring, contacts, and switches in a conventional lighting fixture are all exposed to outside elements. As a result, any sparks generated by the abrupt change in energy inside the fixture have the potential to ignite flammable gases in the atmosphere.

Explosion-proof lighting in Singapore, on the other hand, has its components encased in a sturdy housing, constructed of a strong material, such as steel or aluminium, to prevent possible sparks or flames from escaping the housing unit. These lights also have exceptionally durable lenses that are damage resistant.

It simply means that the explosion-proof lighting fixture may contain the explosion within its housing unit if and when it occurs. With safe and reliable lighting in place, workers can feel more at ease and focus on the task at hand.

2. Reduced Heat Emission

Explosion-proof LED lights are designed to emit less heat. This minimises the likelihood of sparks being produced, leaving minimum or no room to ignite flammable gases and vapours in hazardous environments.

LED lights that are explosion proof are environmentally friendly. In addition to their energy-saving benefits, explosion-proof LED lights do not contain harmful elements such as mercury and lead. As a result, utilising explosion-proof LED lights instead of traditional lighting fixtures allows businesses to be more environmentally conscious.

3. Durable and Cost-Effective

When compared with normal lights, explosion-proof LED lights are often more durable. They can withstand tougher working environments because they are frequently made of sturdier and high-tensile materials and are less prone to damage than ordinary lighting fixtures. This makes them a better choice for industrial operations that require a higher number of luminaires in hazardous environments. Furthermore, explosion-proof lighting fixtures contribute to lower maintenance and are more cost-effective in the long term.

4. High Mobility, High Energy Efficiency, and Long-Lasting

Any Ex-proof Lighting Supplier in Singapore will be able to tell you that explosion proof lights are very resistant to vibrations because they are constructed with a stronger frame and thicker tempered glass lenses. Therefore, explosion-proof lighting fixtures are more portable than regular lighting, making them an excellent solution for operations that require greater mobility of the lighting fixtures.

Explosion-proof LED lights are more energy efficient than traditional lighting systems. As statistics indicate, an ex-proof LED light uses roughly 75%-90% less energy than a typical lighting fixture and lasts 25% longer. This also means explosion resistant LED lights have a longer lifespan than standard lighting fixtures. As a result, installing explosion-proof LED lights will allow you to save money on operations and maintenance.

Maintenance and Safety Tips for Ex-Proof Lighting

Now that you are familiar with explosion-proof lighting in Singapore, it is important that you make sure your explosion-proof lighting is well-maintained.

Initially it is always best to conduct regular safety checks to make sure that the explosion-proof lighting is operating properly. Checking for signs of wear and tear, such as loose connections or frayed wires, can help reduce the risk of an electrical fire.

In addition to that, it's also important to keep your explosion-proof lighting clean and dust-free. Since dust and other debris can act as a conductor of electricity, it's important to keep these lights clean and free from any potential hazards.

Finally, if you are using explosion-proof lighting in a hazardous area, it's important to use a GFI (ground fault interrupter) circuit breaker. This device can help protect you from any electric shock in case there is an issue with your ex-proof lights.

Regulations and Certifications

It's important to ensure that your explosion-proof lighting is compliant with local and international standards. Depending on what type of hazardous location you are dealing with, there are specific ATEX/IECEx specifications that all explosion-proof lighting in Singapore must meet. Explosion-proof lighting is rated by its ability to contain explosions within a specific area or zone — the higher the rating, the safer it will be. It’s also essential to buy the correct wattage of lighting fixtures for each hazardous location as per local regulations. You can contact a reputed Ex-proof Lighting Supplier in Singapore to better understand these specifications and requirements.

Choose ATEX Certified Ex-Proof Lighting From Lumenex Asia

When it comes to finding the right supplier for your explosion-proof lighting needs, in addition to checking for proper certification, you also will want to make sure that your selected Ex-proof Lighting Supplier in Singapore is knowledgeable about their products and can help you select the right type of lighting for your particular application. This means understanding what type of environment the lighting will be exposed to and how intense it’s going to be. They should also be able to provide you with helpful advice on hazard zone classifications and calculate how many light fixtures you will need and provide advice on any other accessories like explosion-proof cables or mounting hardware you will require. This is where Lumenex Asia excels.

Our explosion-proof equipment specialists at Lumenex Asia understand the numerous advantages that explosion-proof lighting can provide for your company. We understand your operational restrictions as well as your mobility and visibility concerns. We understand the mandatory industry-specific protocols that need to be followed in highly hazardous environments, such as petrochemical factories and oil rigs.

Lumenex Asia has a large selection of explosion-proof lighting fixtures to meet all your industrial needs. All of our lighting solutions are compliant with stringent quality regulations. Reach out to our sales team or visit us at our store, and we will be happy to help you meet your safety standards. We will provide you with outstanding customer service throughout the entire process, from ordering through installation and anything in between. Contact us today!

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