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Tips for Choosing the Best Explosion-Proof Junction Box for Your Business

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Choosing and narrowing down the best explosion-proof junction box for your business can be a time-consuming and difficult task. But with the right ex-proof DB supplier by your side, you can make a well-informed decision more easily and efficiently. The quality of an explosion-proof junction box or explosion-proof lighting cannot be determined by visual inspection alone. Especially if you are a new customer and have limited technical knowledge with regard to explosion-proof equipment in Singapore, it can certainly be difficult to immediately select the best Ex-proof junction box for your needs. That's why we have put together the following guidelines to assist you in your decision-making.

Selecting the Right Explosion-Proof Junction Box for Your Needs

When choosing an explosion-proof junction box for your business, there are several important factors to consider:

1. Know your Business

Having a comprehensive idea about the operational requirements of your business is the key to choosing the best Ex-proof junction box for your needs. Determining the area in which your firm operates will allow you to narrow down your search for the ideal Ex-proof junction box. This simplifies the selection process since you no longer need to evaluate explosion-proof junction boxes that do not match zone standards. So, make sure to pay attention to

  • Hazardous location classification: Make sure the GRP junction box is rated for the specific hazardous location where it will be used. This includes the type of gas or dust present as well as the temperature and pressure conditions.

  • Explosion-proof rating: The junction box should have the appropriate explosion-proof rating for the hazardous location, such as Class I, Division 1, or 2.

2. Protection Category

It is always necessary that you check for the protection category classification of your Ex-proof isolators in Singapore. Explosion-proof junction boxes are sometimes known as "Ex d" junction boxes. "Ex d" or fireproof indicate that the junction box is to meet "fireproof" specifications. A fire-rated junction box can contain an explosion within its enclosure, and any escaping sparks or flames will be cooled by the "flame path," limiting the danger of damage that could lead to further igniting of the explosive atmosphere in the vicinity and result in further combustion.

In contrast, "Ex e" junction boxes are constructed in accordance with the "Enhanced Safety" standard. This means that the "Ex e" junction box is not meant to produce any currents, sparks, or temperatures that could ignite the explosive atmosphere surrounding the box. "Ex e" junction boxes are, therefore, regarded as explosion-proof, but are not certified for fire resistance.

While both "Ex d" and "Ex e" junction boxes can function in Zones 1 and 2, it is important to note that only the "Ex d" junction box can resist an internal explosion and confine it. Therefore, "Ex d" junction boxes certainly offer a higher level of protection than "Ex e" junction boxes.

Some of the Protection Types Under the ATEX Classification



Zone (application)

Ex d

Flameproof enclosure: the housing will contain sparks and flames without allowing them to escape into the hazardous atmosphere.

Zone 1, Zone 2

Ex e

These enclosures provide enhanced safety and are deemed explosion-proof.

Zone 1, Zone 2

Ex m

These encapsulations prevent sparks from escaping into the atmosphere.

Zone 0, Zone 1, Zone 2

Ex nA

These enclosures are considered non-sparking.

Zone 2

Ex i

Intrinsically safe enclosures: With the Ex-i type of protection, the energy in the current circuit is kept sufficiently low to prevent ignitable sparks, arcs, or temperatures from being generated.

Zone 0, Zone 20

3. Explosion-Proof Certification

For a junction box to be Ex-certified, it must be accompanied by an ATEX or IECEX certificate. This certification means that the junction box has passed multiple rounds of rigorous inspection, culminating in certification for explosion protection. In the event of an explosion in the workplace, a junction box lacking ATEX or IECEX certification could put your entire company in danger. Therefore, make sure to check with your Ex-proof DB supplier to ensure that your junction box has been formally certified as explosion-proof by one of these certifying organisations.

4. Size, Capacity, and Compatibility

One other important thing that you need to pay close attention to is the size and capacity of the explosion-proof junction box you choose. The junction box should be the appropriate size for the number and size of the wires and cables that will be run through it.

Compatibility with other equipment is another factor you will need to pay close attention to. The ex-proof junction box should be compatible with the other equipment and systems in your facility to ensure proper operation and avoid any potential hazards.

It is always a good idea to consult with an expert Ex-proof DB supplier in Singapore before you finalise your purchase

5. Material and Construction

Hazardous environments require junction boxes that can withstand tough environmental conditions, from extreme temperatures to sudden atmosphere changes. This requires that your Ex-proof junction box carry a durable, corrosion-resistant enclosure made with materials such as stainless steel. Die-cast aluminium enclosures and GRP junction boxes also provide weather- and corrosion-proof, robust protection for equipment and employees.

Lumenex Asia — Your Trusted Ex-proof DB Supplier in Singapore

When it comes to selecting the ideal Ex-proof isolator in Singapore, it is always important to choose a reputable vendor who is able to understand and provide you with a range of options for your explosion-proof equipment needs. Our staff at Lumenex Asia has a comprehensive idea about the specific hazard zone classifications and is able to provide you with excellent before- and after-sales service.

Whether it’s an offshore marine grade explosion-proof junction box, a die-cast aluminium junction box, or a GRP junction box you are looking for; we are able to provide you with the ideal match. Our explosion-proof equipment experts have an in-depth understanding of the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines for any explosion-proof equipment and will advise you on the necessary safety regulations and standards for your industry.

Contact Lumenex Asia at +65 6242 3833 today or drop us an email at, and our competent team will guarantee that you are purchasing a proven and high-quality explosion-proof junction box to suit your needs.

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